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10 June 2004 @ 03:06 pm
Ok I have the phone in one hane and the mouse. SO I'm using the on screen keyboard and it gets tiering. I cannot spell with it. So I think I'll go back to keyboard. Yep much easier!

So tomorrow Steph might come over or today so that way we can go to the cottage and then drown in the water so no one can see us EVER!

Well I keep forgeting to write so I'm gonna wait till I wont.
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05 May 2004 @ 05:42 pm
Bunch of quizzes and junkCollapse )

That it!
30 April 2004 @ 08:59 pm

To stay added comment or I may take you off.

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26 April 2004 @ 02:47 am
Am I annoying?

The reason why I ask this is bacause of the listCollapse )

Okay so the Internet is a drug and I'm highly addicted to it. And so my sister Shelly came home and asked if she could check her mail. I let her on leaving my buddylists up. Bad idea. She had no mail box!! Then she validated it and then sent this long email. GGGRRR!! She even had the nerve to yell at me. Right now you yell I will break down into tears 'cause I've been yelled at WAY to lately. GGGRRR.

Back to Shelly. So I waited and waited till I was gonna close my messanger and she hit me then said I was on it all the time. NO I sit there with my messangers up and take care of Connor. GRRRR!!!

Grams I did your medicine before I left foir home
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24 April 2004 @ 06:39 pm
Happy birthday CHELSEY!!! Yep I didn't forget! I'm such a good friend! *smiles*

Okay lets see.. if I hurt Karri it will be because of her saying that my brother, Connor, is my baby. NO HE ISN'T!!! GGGGRRR!!!

Well now I have to listen to Karri talking. Oh well I'll try to keep up... *listens in* lol

Okay so... hm... um.... today I got to sleep in 'cause the brats weren't here. YAY... okay so I didn't sleep in I can't stop the need to read! I love to read. Well no that it is finished I can't read no more. *cries* On ff.net people have to update more. I wanna finish reading the stories.

I really don't have anything to say. I just did this 'cause I had the computer. That's good 'cause I love the internet!!
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23 April 2004 @ 04:40 pm
I'm not feeling like posting so I'll give you a brief thing.

I had to deal with stuck up friends like they had a chicken stuck up their but. Trust me when they act like that you won't stop yelling at them.

Kody, Renee's boyfriend, asked me if I'd go out with Brice and that was a big NO!!!

Reasons why....Collapse )

Hm... what else... Kody was gonna give me a copy of a poem he wrote but forgot and remembered on the bus and started beating himself up..

HOLD UP!! Renee is turning 15 and he is only 13.... okay doing my mothers thing.. *rolls eyes*

quizCollapse )
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22 April 2004 @ 07:13 pm
Well today was my mom's birthday and I didn't know it. I'm a horrible daughter.

anyway Em brought up the subject of boyfriends. And I not going to have a boyfriend till I'm out of school because of my grades thought about it. For all the guys who I talk to just out of boredom might clasify me as their girlfriend.

Steph said that I like this guy just 'cause when he is on that is the only person I talk to. All we talk about is games and Internet connections and mainly computers. And I loveing computers ain't just gonna let some 16 year old think that I just want a boyfriend 'casue I don't... not yet.

Anyways... Renee came back from the hospital (out for 3 weeks) and she seemed to have grown up. She broke into tears just 'cause someone was saying she jumped in ever guys bed she met. So Kody, her just new boyfriend, thought that it was true and asked her. Renee had only done it once with a guy who she isn't with anymore. She isn't as big as a druggie she used to be.. and I glad!

Well that's it I have food to eat.
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18 April 2004 @ 09:28 pm
HEHE!! I smart! Mark said I wouldn't be able to get on since we have to use my computer. Hello!! DSL has to stay on all the time so I can be on now! That is how I updating this and he no know that I happy.

Yesturday Steph D. came over. I was happy but she seemed bored. :( Well I ended up staying up to like three in the morning. Then woke around six AM. Oh well.

Tommorrow I have school and I no happy about that!! *pouts*

Hm... My computer loves me!!

That's all I can think of now....
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12 April 2004 @ 06:52 am
Well I'm all ready to go to school and board out of my mind! Anyway... yesterday I had to go to one of Mark's family gatherings. I didn't wanna go but they made me. Well I took my mothers cell phone and was sending text to my aunt's e-mail. When she replied my mom was texting Mark. Well then we had me and my aunt or Grams going back and forth and my mom and Mark going back in forth. I ended up with the phone in the end.

When we were there I noticed I didn't know anyone except for two people. So I was glad I had my CD player. I went to the car and stayed till I thought I'd help the youngest one Emily on hunting eggs. After a wile I went back to the car for the kids scared me... the Chinese looking one more than the rest. So Shelly came out to the car and got us into trouble by honking the horn every time a kid went by. When we were getting out once she set off the car alarm by forgetting that she locked the doors.

Now I have a bus to catch.
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09 April 2004 @ 11:43 am
Well Chuck left today. Not like I cared he ignored me the whole time. They wonder why I didn't cry. HMPH!! Even on my birthday. All he did do is play with Nick till his wife came, Amber, so he could treat her for her birthday. It was mine too!! The only people who was home to celebrate it was Mom, Shelly and Nick when he got away from the TV. Plus Mom had to go to bed. I feel so alone. Okay so my birthday was March 31 but still he is leaving so he can't say that he didn't ignore me.

Anyway, I got back from Indianapolis yesterday. I may not have told you but yes I went to Indianapolis. I went with Em and I SO wanted to get lost there so I didn't have to come back and watch the horrible little monster who is reading the screen now. I SO want the Internet in my room!! *pouts* Well I came back and didn't get lost. Though the people I help in school would probably come and find me. Which sucks 'cause that is almost all my friends.

Katrina, my cat, wont leave me be now that I've been gone for over a week. All she does now is follow me till I sit then sit on my lap. I have to get away from her soon. She'll drive me crazy!!

Poor Fluffy, another cat, she fell into the hot tub. *shakes head* Oh well she deserved it! *smiles*

Hm.. back to the thing about Indy. The first night I stayed I couldn't sleep so well. Woke up at six and had no stories to read. I was sad!! I watched TV though.

Yay!! My computer messengers are working!! Ever since we had gotten DSL here we've had problems. AIM wasn't working. It wouldn't connect, wouldn't show the people online, or kicked me off as soon as it loaded. The yahoo messenger messed up the computer too. Grr and it is as slow as a stupid... I can't think of anything. Well WinMX wouldn't come up ether. I had to go through a slower connection.

That's it for now that I know of.
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